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7 home office decorating ideas for your small worksplace

7 home office decorating ideas for your small worksplace

It can be relatively simple to build out a home office that not only encourages imagination, but also helps you achieve peak productivity when you work from your house. And a dedicated room or large square footage isnt needed either. Get imaginative with the space you already have when you think about layout ideas, even if that means using a spare corner in your bedroom or an unused closet.

Then, concentrate on your needs. Ask questions like: How much are you going to use the phone? How quiet does it need to be for the office? You can discover what kind of furniture fits best from there and get to work on the fun part: decorating.

We asked experts, from designers to bloggers and editors, for their advice on the best home office updates and small home office ideas that will make you want to buckle down and get to work, to help you build and upgrade your own inspiring space.

1. Create a list of your corporate needs

Create a list of your corporate needs

When I build a home office... the most significant aspect is the most obvious one, too. "For you, it has to work," says designer Elizabeth "Muffie" Faith, Elizabeth Stuart Designs principal. Put your particular business at the top of your list, in other words. (Are you going to have to store items? Is it quiet enough to take calls? Do you have to accommodate an occasional guest?) Then fill in gaps with non-negotiables from the other office: a desk or table, a comfortable chair, etc.

2. Start with storage

Start with storageStart with storageJenny Kirschner, artist, believes that storage is integral to every home office and also uses it for her projects as a jumping off point. I build highly customizable built-in storage unique to the needs of the homeowner when there is a budget for me to do so.

3. Corner setting

corner setting

If you do not have a dedicated space that needs to be converted into a home office, then it is highly recommended to try a similar corner environment. These officers in dead corners can be quickly produced and can allow you to use the room well.

4. A touch of color

A touch of color

You can start decorating your home office for those of you who are creative by adding a touch of color. The designer of this room has added a back wall of teal blue that uplifts the whole vibe of the work area.

5. Add Green

Add Green

Breathe your room with some life, so youll want to stay longer. I try to maintain a healthy home office that is functional, ergonomic, comfortable, and clean. I know that I would end up working at the kitchen table if these elements are not in place! A beautiful plant is said to make you feel relaxed and clean the air, plus it also looks pretty.

6. Get Artistic 

6.	Get Artistic

Decorate with pictures which speak to you. Even if youre all day crunching numbers. "To energize your room and make you feel inspired, fill your office with colorful art.

7. Old and New Mix

Old and New Mix

Dont think about borrowing the furniture from other rooms in your home. Instead of feeling like a showroom, a blend between antique and modern makes a home feel warm and lived in and intimate.

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