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18 best kitchen design Idea in India

18 best kitchen design Idea in India

Have you ever wondered why it is not given as much consideration to Indian kitchen architecture as other areas of the house? And this despite the kitchen being the most used or busiest room in our homes! Ironic, huh?

Are you daydreaming about the clean, squeaky kitchens you see in western magazines fancy interior catalogues? Yeah, who doesnt! But the fact is: cooking is a totally different ball game from western Style setups in our desi households. Our kitchens, therefore, have to account for our cooking habits And kitchen architecture in the Indian style has its own rules.

To sum it up, to ensure that your chounks and tadkas don’t do permanent harm, you need an Indian style kitchen design! Were sure youve got a lot of questions; so do a number of other people who are starting to learn about their current kitchen architecture.

 2. Natural stone counters

If you want to build a kitchen using natural materials, it is recommended that you go for stone counters and flooring. From marble to granite, these stones can include anything and are also available in various colours.




2. Designer kitchen counters

If you want yourself to have a full designer kitchen, then integrating creative designs is something you should do.




3. Maximum storage space

Using vertical space is a must to build the full amount of space in your kitchen. To cover the entire length of the wall, you can also add double cabinets.





4. Central counter cabinet

If there are several people working in the same kitchen, the easiest way to divide the room into two different spaces is to create a central counter.





5. Natural wood counters

In your kitchen, installing natural wood counters and cabinets is also an ideal way to create a plain but beautiful look.




6. Storage Cabinets of Glass

You can also install transparent glass storage cabinets so that you can see things stored inside without having to open them. This makes it easy for you to check for things when working.



7. Breakfast counter

If you love to eat in your kitchen, then making a small breakfast counter is the perfect way to make it happen. These counters can be a great addition, particularly for daily meals.



8. Bold prints


One of the best ways to turn your kitchen is to use bold prints on your counter doors and backsplash like the scene in this photo. These prints can also be pasted onto the cabinets so that you dont have to make them specially.

 9. Bright colour combination

If you want to make your kitchen look spacious, the best choice is to add bright color counters. Colors like yellow and white represent natural light in every corner of the room.



10. Open it up & make it inviting


Nailing the modern design accessories look, thanks to partition shelves on the left and two window-like arched openings straight ahead, this semi-open kitchen remains linked with the rest of the house. The wooden cabinetry, the white G4 stone countertop and the earthy yellow backsplash make this Indian kitchen design a warm and welcoming one.

 11. Focus on natural light


We have an easy tip for you if youre going for a U-shaped kitchen! Please include a wide U-end opening. Much like this window for the grid! It is this kitchens central focal point, and floods in enough natural light (meaning a better state of mind!) bouncing off the white and orange cabinets and countertop. The uniformity is broken through by a patterned backsplash.


12. Stay minimal

Dont you like kitchens that are busy? Try an European, cosy theme. In addition to in-built shelves for appliances and other items, you can include minimal and wooden floor-to-ceiling wall cabinetry. In this U-shaped kitchen, the white along the other two edges are ideal ingredients of a minimal look, giving this room a peaceful and comfortable aura.


13. Black and White Cheque


In your Indian kitchen, would you like to follow the two most traditional colours? By embracing a chequered blend of black and white cabinetry with a black granite countertop, this L-shaped style shows you how. Letting a backsplash go helps this beautiful Indian kitchen design to breathe space.

14. Laminated counters

If you want to offer a wooden finish to your kitchen but want to make the cabinets lighter than using sheets of laminate, it is the perfect option.





15. Tiled back wall

The addition of tiled back walls is another excellent way to make your kitchen look beautiful. Such tiles are available in different designs that make it easy for you to select the one you want.




16. Angular arrangement of counters

If you want your kitchen to be set up in a corner, this angular layout is ideal for you. To maximize the cooking area, you can cover the two main walls of your kitchen with counters.



17. Corner cabinets

As rooms usually go to waste, one should always remember to add cabinets in the corner. For storing small utility things such as cleaning equipment and soaps, these corners are best.



 18. Partition of Glass

If you are looking for a little privacy between your kitchen and dinner, it is perfect to build a glass partition that looks identical. You can also use other materials to totally cordon off the field.


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