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10 Easy Ways to Mix and Match Patterns in your Home

10 Easy Ways to Mix and Match Patterns in your Home

Are you tired of bland colors and borrowing strong colors all over your home? While solids all have their place, when we add colorful patterns that add visual appeal and contrast, arent your interiors more fun? Yes! Yes! It can sometimes be a challenge to mix and match patterns, especially if you dont know how to choose the right complementary colors and pattern scale to use among each other.

There are a few guidelines that will guide you directly before you start blindly picking patterns. Here are 10 quick ways to mix and match patterns in your home with ease.

1. Determine what palette of colors you like first:

1.	Determine what palette of colors you like first:

The ability to decide what will look good together and what will conflict is one of the difficulties of mixing and matching patterns. Until you deal with a pattern in your head, look for a color palette that you love first. Decide whether warmer colors or cooler colors perform better when selecting colors. Each color has warm and cold sides, so pick one or two key colors and consider one or two colors.

2. Features to Identify

Features to Identify

You should suggest a combination of old and new for your space to look beautiful and luxurious but interesting. Also, as they are the elements that offer your home warmth, dont forget personal objects. When decorating, the important thing to do is to step back and investigate. Make sure all of the furniture is and looks like with a thought its there.

3. The best way: mix white with a colored pattern

3.	The best way: mix white with a colored pattern.

Choosing one colored pattern paired with a white background is one of the best ways to mix patterns. Use your imagination when selecting a color scheme, whether you choose a monochromatic scheme in white and black or settle on a nautical theme in navy blue and white. Then add patterns of that color in stripes, polka dots, chevron stripes, bold prints, without being an overabundance for the eyes, whatever prints make a point.

4. When mixing and matching patterns, use a variety of scales

When mixing and matching patterns, use a variety of scales

When selecting patterns in your interior, note that as long as the color palette remains in the same color family, large-scale patterns will intermingle with smaller scale prints. Choose a dominant print from your window treatments or artwork and then choose smaller scale patterns in your interiors for accent pillows and textiles. The more different scales in your patterns, the more the room will feel relaxed and inviting.

5. Keep in mind to balance

Keep in mind to balance

In terms of many styles combined, its important that those styles are balanced out for a space to look nice. Offer them a sense of balance in order to avoid pieces of furniture, decorations, and other items from becoming disjointed.

6. Build a color/pattern blend

Build a color/pattern blend

Pillows may be the connecting thread in the room in a certain color or pattern so that it looks put together. Repeat a form, or color, or pattern throughout the room to give your place a seamless look. For all of the pieces in the room, you can also use a rug as a connective tissue. Browsing online via rugs, youll be amazed at what great options you can find for your bedroom. A perfect way to break the tranquility and dullness of it and make it an interesting place to spend time in is to re-decorate the room we live in! Oh, good luck!

7. Match the cushions with the carpet

7.	Match the cushions with the carpet

In this neutral, toned living room by Studio Nishita Kamdar, a patterned carpet adds colour and freshness. On the cushions, the colors of the carpet are repeated.

8. Distribute the mixture equally around the space

8.	Distribute the mixture equally around the space

It is necessary to maintain an even flow throughout the room when you are mixing styles of design. Use all theme elements in the room when mixing styles, as opposed to heavily decorating one part of the room with one style and another section with the other pieces of decor style. This can make it look and feel choppy and cramped in a room.

9. Add classic element

Add classic element

Since all in a room does not need to look brand new or from the same age, by bringing beautiful finds that are antique and new alike, blend interior design styles together.

10. Metal and wood

Metal and wood

The sleek combination of metal and warm wood combines modern and organic, creating a friendly and peaceful environment within the home. For elegant looks, consider combining marble and wood with metallics.

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