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10 design secrets for good open-plan living

10 design secrets for good open-plan living

Open-plan living has made its way across the world to every country, and India is no exception. For more than one cause, architects, interior designers and homeowners lean towards this theme. The smooth flow of space seems to be more normal and welcoming, although more light is allowed in by the disappearance of walls. For nuclear families and for weekend homes, this is perfect.

Here are 10 design secrets  to open-plan living beautifully.

1. Natural light

natural light in living room

In general, open floor plans combine living, dining and cooking spaces into one sprawling area without wall restrictions. Take it a step further by applying this equation to the outdoors. "With large French windows that allow the outdoors in, capture the view. As in this particular space, where the entire wall of the open-plan living room is dominated by floor-to-ceiling doors that offer a touch of green and plenty of natural light. With more light and brightness, the skylights inundate the room.

2. Attach a corner couch

attach a corner couch in living room

Although there are so many sofa styles to choose from, in an airy open-plan space, a wide corner or L-shaped sofa is a great way to zone out of your lounge. Go for a tactile, family-friendly fabric like denim, for something practical and durable. Complete the relaxed vibe with a couch, coffee table, and plenty of fluffy cushions, an appealing central focus.

3. Glass partition

Glass partition in open living room

Sliding glass doors or panels are a very efficient way to divide an open-plan room into smaller areas, while at the same time ensuring that a lot of light flows into the whole area. Here, to distinguish the living area from the kitchen-diner without the space feeling like two separated spaces, a dividing wall was half-glazed with panels.

4.   Slot in a room for eating

Slot in a room for eating

Producing multifunctional furniture. The slimline design of this bistro-style bar table and stools is ideal for a fast meal and also makes good use of space by separating the kitchen from the living room in a small area. To hold tableware, this one has extra storage shelves on the side. When more floor space is required, it can then be easily relocated to the side of the room. ​

5.  Attach a Curtain of Secrecy

Attach a curtain of secrecy

Curtains are cheap and very simple to install and are a clever way to build temporary walls. To get the perfect floor-to-ceiling length, add a curtain track to the area of the space you want to screen off and hang made-to-measure curtains or Voiles. Choose a double-sided design, which looks good from both sides, if the area is in the center of the room.

6. Decorate with books

Decorate with books

Open-plan living rooms are typically light-filled and airy with floor-to-ceiling windows, but storage space can become tricky. As a divider, one solution is to put back-to-back bookshelves in the center of the room. Glass doors will keep dust-free color-coordinated books, and why not add ambient lighting on top to also provide an atmospheric evening glow?

7. Sink the floor

Sink the floor in living room

Youll need to be creative with storage ideas if you like modern open-plan living rooms with no dividing walls at all. Here, by raising the floor level, Austin Maynard Architects have cleverly created underfloor storage space. Stylish sunken living areas with a chic, contemporary feel are the result.

8. Step it up

Step the floor in living room

 Consider the floor plan for the interior. In your open-plan space, creating a split-level floor can help to discreetly zone off various areas. Here, you are brought to the light-filled living area by a small step. Meanwhile, as a transition into a cosy snug or a more formal dining room, a step down may be used.

9. Don’t skimp on your storage

Don’t skimp on your storage

10. Using shelving to split

Using shelving to split

Use freestanding furniture to distinguish the different areas in order to give a wide room instant shape and structure. A simple shelving unit is a convenient way to zone a large multi-use area between the lounge and dining space, plus it will give you functional extra storage.

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