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5 Low-Cost House Construction Techniques in India

5 Low-Cost House Construction Techniques in India

In this post, well go through five low-cost house construction techniques in India that will assist you in constructing a low-cost home in India.

It turned out that knowing some of the best low-cost house building techniques in India would significantly reduce the cost of house construction. You will easily find some strategies that will not only save you a lot of money but also help you complete your construction within the budget you have set for your new home by investing some time and doing research both online and offline.

By implementing these strategies in India, you can save a large amount of money while still completing your construction project at a lower rate.

Table of content :

Select the Ideal Plot

Choose the Ideal Design.

The Critical Role of Building Materials

Bathrooms can use RCC door frames and PVC doors.

Select branded electrical wires and natively manufactured switches and sockets.

Pick Cost-Effective Sanitary Wares

GFRG Panels are the Future

Hire a Reliable & Experienced Contractor

1. Select the Ideal Plot

Select the ideal plot

  1. Your house will be as good as the plot on which it is built, so you must choose the right plot for your home.

Choose a plot that is close to public transportation. Choose the ones who have unrestricted access to your home.

If the house plot does not have an access road, you will have to spend more money to build the required access to your home, which would be an additional expense to your building.

  1. Consider the availability of utility services such as municipal water supply, electricity, gas connection, drainage facilities, garbage disposal, and so on when choosing a plot.

These are extremely important for your everyday life in the house, so look for them near the plot. If they are not accessible, you will have to build the majority of them, which will incur additional costs.

Water supply is very important for your home, and if there isnt enough available on your plot, youll have to buy water for building, which will add a significant amount of money to your project.

  1. The plot must be square or rectangular in shape so that you can create your house on the entire surface ground.

Choosing a square or rectangle-shaped plot would allow you to build your dream home on a smaller, well-shaped plot, saving you money on land costs.

The Floor Space Index is a requirement that all local councils adopt when granting permission to build a house on a property. This determines the maximum size of construction that can be performed on a plot and is expressed as a percentage. As a result, always choose the plot with the highest FSI percentage.

  1. Choose a plot with a consistent sub-soil structure.

Often perform soil testing to assess the soils stability and base your foundation design on the findings.

You can choose a plot with a stable and hard soil structure if you want to save money on laying an elaborate base.

2. Choose the Ideal Design.

Choose the ideal design

A good plan and a well-laid outbuilding design are needed for your new construction.

You can never start a construction project without a plan and design.

The building plan serves as the foundation for your design, so it should be designed by a professional Civil Engineer or Architect to ensure that it covers all aspects of your homes construction.

Find out what you want in your home before selecting a building plan, and do your homework to learn about the latest construction and building design trends.

Inform your Engineer or Architect about all, and have a detailed discussion with them to ensure that they understand your requirements. This will assist them in comprehending your basic specifications and designing the best possible construction plan for your home.

All of this should be conveyed to your Engineer or Architect, and you should have a comprehensive conversation with them to ensure that they understand your requirements. This will help them understand your basic requirements and build the best possible design plan for your house.

When designing a structure with more than two floors, priorities the building design and work from an integrated design that best meets your needs without over- or under-planning.

When you employ an experienced professional to manage your building, he will be able to get the right materials at the best rates and assist you with your low-cost house construction.

Aside from that, design the floor plan in a rectangular or square shape so it has a smaller perimeter and uses 20 to 30% fewer construction materials.

3. The Critical Role of Building Materials

building construction materials

Doors and windows account for a significant portion of the building budget.

We can now save a large amount of money by using RCC door frames instead of traditional wood door frames thanks to advances in construction technology.

Traditional wooden frames are very costly, and they necessitate more labour and other fixtures, all of which contribute to the overall construction expense.

Using factory-made flush doors for internal spaces, as well as PVC doors for your toilets, is another way to save money on construction.

4. Select branded electrical wires and natively manufactured switches and sockets.

branded electrical wires and switches

Electrical and plumbing work are important for a healthy living atmosphere in the new home. For your home, youll need to find the following types of electrical wiring and energy-efficient electrical equipment:

Always use labelled electrical wires to ensure that they last longer and provide you with trouble-free operation.

Similarly, choose high-quality switches and sockets that will enhance the appearance of your home while still providing years of operation. Concentrate more on the products consistency, which needs less maintenance over time.

This is one of the best low-cost house building strategies that you can use to reduce construction costs quickly.

5. Pick Cost-Effective Sanitary Wares

cost effective sanitary wares

Sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures cost a lot of money, but by choosing the right ones, you can save money.

Make a list of the types of sanitary ware you want in your home and plan accordingly. Choose the best dealers and buy all of the required things in one go, so you can haggle and get your goods at a discount.

Thus, by following the above guidelines, you can achieve low-cost house construction in India, complete your home within your budget, and live in your new home with the satisfaction of knowing that you used all of the low-cost house construction techniques to complete your home as you desired.

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