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Sensational Bathrooms With Natural Timeless Beauty

Sensational Bathrooms With Natural Timeless Beauty

When given the right aesthetics, both large and small bathrooms can become sensational spaces, but where do you start? UK Concept designer provided us with this comprehensive gallery of incredible bathroom layouts. This inspiring contemporary collection is put together with timeless charm, a real passion for artistry, and a high proportion of natural materials.

These are warm and welcoming environments that elicit a blissful sense of safety from the outside world. A place to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Over an angular black vanity, a copper spout adds a rich sheen. The warm tone is complemented by an amber glass soap dispenser.


  1. With the addition of pebble beds and stepping stone slabs, moving around this large bathroom space becomes a naturally inspired adventure.

  1. The trough of this smart double vanity unit is divided by a small island, which serves as a resting spot for bathroom essentials.

  1. In this spacious bathroom style, a built-in bench mirrors the linear double vanity. The cosy feeling is enhanced by a thin floor rug.

  1. Bamboo contrasts with polished gold highlights and a white marble vanity countertop. Bathroom pendant lights that are one-of-a-kind add a special touch to the mix.

  1. White bathroom furniture is encased in a shadowy mantle of black stone and rich wood.

  1. Spend the night at the casino. Make the tub the focal point of the space if you enjoy relaxing in it at the end of the day. Make a lovely route to your bubble bath with some fantastic tiles, such as these brightly patterned ones. Continue the tile route up the wall behind the tub as well, to give it a grand feel.

  1. Take a bath on a pebble bed. The idea of setting the bathtub atop a bed of pebbles has become common in many modern luxury bathrooms. Natural stone complements a botanical theme and wooden accents well.

  1. You dont have a bathtub in which to position the pebbles? No worries, a strew of pebbles underneath the vanity would suffice.

  1. Refrain from clinging to the edges. In most bathroom designs, all of the amenities are conveniently tucked away against the rooms walls – but what if you added an additional internal wall? A new zoning is accomplished by constructing a strong dividing wall across the shower and positioning the bathtub against the other side of it.

  1. Its all about the ethereal ambiance. Installing perimeter lighting will give even the most basic, cold-looking bathroom schemes a special cosy glow. To achieve a clean and subtle effect, completely recess LED strips.

  1. If you want to include botanicals in your design, consider a planter that is built into the vanity units countertop.​​​​​​​

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